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Desire Devil 1

The first time Shane saw his angel, he thought it was a trick of the light.

His mother had gone to the market, and Shane sat alone in the living room, with blood dripping off his hand to a pentagram on the floor. That day was the last time Shane would try that. He was sure. No creature ever answered him, and the sigil and intentions were seemingly useless as not even the damned cared enough to answer — he heard his mother's car pull up outside, and he quickly covered the pentagram with a cloth and swept the blood into a nearby wastebasket. He didn't want her to see the mess he'd made, or the blood that stained his fingers.

She came in and put down some groceries on the counter. She looked at him, and he quickly looked away.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Nothing," he said. "I'm fine."

His mother smiled, but he could see the worry in her eyes. He could hear it in her voice when she spoke again.

"Are you sure? You're acting so strange. Are you okay?"

Shane was silent. He wasn't going to tell her about the blood, or the sigil, or the demons. It was all bullshit anyway.

But something happened that day. Something he couldn't explain.

At night, at 3 AM, he saw an angel.

It stood there on the other side of the bed, with its head tilted slightly to the right. It was eerie at first, and then stunning when his eyes adjusted. It was beautiful. It was pale, but its skin was luminous like it had been dipped in the moonlight. Its eyes were a color that Shane never saw before, and they pierced Shane's soul.

The angel turned slowly around, looking at him. It didn't move.

"Hello, little boy."

Shane stared back. He could feel his heart pounding — it had been a long time since no one called him little boy. He turned twenty-two that week, after all. And the demon seemed to know about that: "How old are you today?"

Shane looked down at his hands. The dry blood was still there, but he could swear he wiped it clean before bed.


The creature acknowledging his birthday made him feel strange.

"Happy birthday."

It seemed so normal, talking to the angel, so soothing. He was yet nervous, his hands sweating as he trembled.

"Thank you," he said.

"Do you know how old I am?"

Shane shook his head.

"I'm nine hundred and forty-five years old."

Shane could feel himself trembling. He tried to control it.

"You're…you're real?"

"Yes, Shane. I'm real. Happy birthday."

Shane wanted to ask if the angel was here to solely wish him a happy birthday, but he couldn't remember how to talk. He had been trying to summon a being for so long — each time a different one — and he had decided and scripted everything he wanted to say if it happened to work (still believing it wouldn't). Once he faced that creature's eyes, his mind disappeared. He didn't remember what he wanted to talk about, or what he tried to plan beforehand. He forgot his own name, and all he could do was stare at the angel.

"Are you an angel?" Shane asked.

"Angel?" the creature paused. "No. Only a long time ago, perhaps."

Shane looked down at his bed. The room was dark, there was no one else there. He felt the angel's eyes on him, even staring at the floor.

"I don't understand," Shane said.

The angel laughed. It sounded like wind chimes.

"Why do you think I'm an angel? Why do you think I have come to you?"

Shane shook his head.

"I don't know."

"You have been calling for someone for long weeks, haven't you? So here I am. I have come to grant your wish."

Shane only knew he wasn't hallucinating because no being as stunning as that could come out of his head.

"I wish for company," Shane said.

He hadn't planned to say this, but he did. It was true. He felt alone, and he always wished he had someone to be with. He wanted to tell someone about his life. His anger.

He always felt shame for who he was.

"Between everything that exists in this plane, that is all you wish for?"

Shane nodded.

"And you want me to be your friend?"

Shane nodded again.

"You know what you're giving me in exchange, don't you?"

Shane didn't care. "My soul."

"Yes, Shane. That is not refundable, and I'm afraid a mortal can only have one. Are you sure you wish solely for company?"

Shane nodded. He didn't know what good a soul did anyway.

"You will be bound to me, yet I will never truly be your friend. I can only pretend. Do you still agree?"


"Then I accept your terms."

The angel took Shane's hand. It felt like the hand of a lover.

"This is a deal," said the angel. "I shall bend to your will of having a companion, and I shall be the one to collect your soul when the time comes." The angel dug one of his claws into Shane's palm. A tear of blood slipped into the creature's own hand. "If you once tell me you are satisfied with my services, I will take my end of the bargain. Is that clear?"

Shane nodded. He didn't care. He knew he would never be satisfied.

"Then it is done."

The angel released Shane's hand, and Shane felt empty somehow - maybe cold, although the angel's hand was icy to his touch.

"How do we begin?" Shane asked.

The angel chuckled. "Have you had someone before, Shane?"

Shane shook his head. "Once."

"Well then," said the angel. "Let us begin by introducing ourselves. My name is Solvonnel."

Solvonnel looked at Shane, and Shane felt his face burn red.

"My name is Shane. I- you already knew that. Sorry. I..."

He chuckled. "It is nice to meet you, Shane. I hope you will forgive me if I call you Shan."

"Oh, no," said Shane, stuttering and flushed. "You can call me Shan. I like that. I do."

Solvonnel smiled. "Then; you look a little nervous... are you?"

He was. "I... I just..." he looked away, his cheeks growing hot. "You're stunning. You're so beautiful. I've never seen anyone like you."

"I'm flattered, Shane. I'm glad that you find me pleasing."

Shane blushed even more. "I... I mean... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that."

Solvonnel chuckled. "It's all right. I do not mind. Please continue."

"Yes, well..." Shane blushed some more. "I just... you're so beautiful, and I've never seen anything like you before. It's overwhelming."

"Shan," said Solvonnel, "it's perfectly fine to be overwhelmed. It's only natural."

"I... I don't know what to say," said Shane. "You're beautiful, and I just..." He gulped. He was trying to look down but he couldn't help but want to stare at Solvonnel's perfect features. "I... I just..."

"What is it, Shane?"

"I've never felt like this," Shane blurted out. "I'm nervous."

Solvonnel chuckled again. "Is it me that makes you feel this way? Or is it my image, what I represent?"

Shane looked away. "Both... I guess. If... that's alright..."

Solvonnel thought Shane was adorable, looking down like that, stuttering in that insecure nervousness. Shane never felt so attracted to anyone before and it was obvious. Solvonnel could tell that Shane was extremely shy, and he couldn't help but smile at him.

"Boy," said Solvonnel, "there is no need for that. You can say and do whatever you wish for in my presence."

Shane looked up. "You..." He gulped. "...Can I... touch you?"

Solvonnel laughed. "Of course, Shane. Please do."

He trembled. He wanted to touch Solvonnel's face. He wanted to run his fingers through Solvonnel's hair. He wanted to read his whole body with his fingers, he wanted to run his hands along Solvonnel's neck and over his chest, and he wanted to feel the texture of Solvonnel's skin. He wanted to touch Solvonnel's lips and feel how soft they were. He wanted to kiss Solvonnel's mouth and feel his tongue against his own.

He wanted to kiss Solvonnel everywhere, to explore him from head to toe, and he wanted to get lost in this feeling forever.

"I want to touch you," whispered Shane, unsure. "I want to feel your skin."

Solvonnel smiled. "Then, by all means, do so."

Shane hesitantly reached his hand to touch Solvonnel's face. Solvonnel didn't flinch or move away, he just let Shane touch him as much as he wished.

Shane ran his fingers along Solvonnel's jaw and felt the roughness of it. He felt how soft his skin was, and how it felt like cold porcelain. He traced his fingers along Solvonnel's cheeks and felt his long eyelashes. He ran his fingers across Solvonnel's nose and felt how curved and pointed it was.

Shane then reached his hand to touch Solvonnel's lips. He could feel their firmness, their warmth, and their smoothness. He gently pressed his finger into Solvonnel's lips, feeling the contours of them.

The angel smiled. "You're a very bold one."

"I'm not bold," said Shane, blushing and immediately taking his hand back. "I just... I wanted to touch you."

Solvonnel laughed. "No need to be shy. You can touch me anywhere you wish."

Shane, with his face smoking hot, touched Solvonnel's cheek again, but this time he ran his fingers through Solvonnel's hair. Solvonnel smiled at him as Shane ran his fingers through his dark hair, its softness; how thick and long it was.

He locked his eyes on the angel's lips.

"...C-Can I... ?" asked Shane, unsure if he should ask.

Solvonnel nodded. "If you wish."

Shane hesitated for a moment, then finally pressed his lips against Solvonnel's. Hesitant, unsure, and nervous, only lasting short seconds before he pulled away as if to check if he really could do that. He looked at the angel's face, which was smiling in response.

Solvonnel brought his hand up to Shane's face and placed it on his cheek. "It's okay, darling."

Shane then shyly kissed Solvonnel again. Shane had kissed before, but that felt… different. He was insecure, unsure of what to do. He awkwardly put his hands on Sol's arms and felt his divine laugh against his lips. Solvonnel took Shane's hands and guided them, wrapping them around his neck.

"Like this, honey," he whispered with his lips still locked on Shane's.

Shane felt Solvonnel's breath on his lips as he was kissing him. He was surprised by how easy it was to kiss him, how natural it felt. Sol clearly knew what he was doing, moving his tongue in some ways that made Shane's whole body shiver, making his skin tingle.

Solvonnel put his arms around Shane's waist. Shane was feeling his whole body growing hot, warm, and he didn't want to stop kissing Sol. He was letting out little moans here and there, and Solvonnel seemed to be enjoying it.

Solvonnel finally broke the kiss and smiled at Shane. "There, now. Wasn't that pleasant?"

Shane was all red. He was ashamed of how his body reacted, and he couldn't really look back at Solvonnel, who was grinning.

"I-I'm sorry." He awkwardly put his hands over his groin to hide it, looking down. He hoped Sol didn't notice, but he did.

Solvonnel's smile grew wider. "I am sure you are, darling."

Shane tried to move his hands, but Solvonnel took them away from his groin.

"Let me take care of you," he whispered, smiling softly as he looked at Shane's bulge. "You're so cute when you blush."

Shane blushed even more. He had never been so embarrassed in his life.

Sol's hand then slid down Shane's torso to his pants. His hands were skilled, and he easily undid the button and zipper. He slipped his fingers into Shane's pants to find his hardness.

Shane let out a small gasp, his face growing hot.

"Don't be shy," he whispered.

Shane closed his eyes. He could feel the warmth of his fingers around his member—good, too good. Shane was breathing heavily like he was going to come right there, immediately.

"Should I use my mouth instead?" Solvonnel said, mischievous and teasing, making Shane shiver.

Shane didn't know what to do. That demon felt different than anyone he ever was with; he wanted to come so badly as Sol reached down with a charming grin and licked his whole length.

Shane let out a moan, gripping onto his own shirt.

Solvonnel continued licking until he heard Shane's moaning get louder. He looked up at Shane's face, watching as he started to tremble. Solvonnel licked his shaft again, taking it all in, his tongue running all over it, until Shane's hips started to move.

Shane didn't really last long.

Solvonnel grinned, lapping up every drop. He loved the taste.

"I-I'm sorry," Shane stuttered.

"That's fine, darling." Solvonnel kissed Shane's forehead. "Come here."

Solvonnel pulled Shane close, holding him tight. He pressed his lips against Shane's, kissing him passionately.

Shane let out a gasp, melting into Solvonnel's arms.

He looked up at Solvonnel. "What do you want me to do?"

Solvonnel smiled. "Whatever you wish."

Shane blushed. He had never thought that he'd say those words to anyone. He wanted to please Solvonnel, but he wasn't sure what to do.

Solvonnel's fingers then moved to Shane's hair, running through it. "You're very beautiful," he said.

"Thank you." Shane didn't know how to act being called beautiful by such a perfect being. He played with Sol's hair back, hesitant. "That... Was good..." He whispered. Sol's tongue was soft like velvet. Shane could cum only by remembering it.

"You were wonderful." Solvonnel kissed Shane's neck. "Now, maybe you should get some sleep, yes?" He whispered against Shane's skin. Shane shivered. "I woke you up, after all..."

Shane didn't want to let Sol go. He held him tighter, burying his face in his shoulder.

Solvonnel kissed Shane's neck again. "There, there," he cooed. "I won't leave if you don't want me to. I'm here."

Shane nodded. He was exhausted, and he felt so comfortable in Sol's arms.

"Sleep well, darling."

Shane closed his eyes and fell asleep in a second.


Shane awoke alone. He wondered if last night was real or not, remembering Solvonnel's lips on his skin, and the feel of his tongue in his mouth. He got out of bed, quickly dressing himself, trying not to get hard.

He stood in the middle of the room and stuttered: "...Sol... Solvonnel...?"

Solvonnel appeared behind him. He wrapped his arms around Shane from behind and kissed Shane's neck. Shane turned around, blushing.

"Good morning." Solvonnel smiled.

Shane smiled back. "You came back."

"I did, darling," Solvonnel said.

Shane nodded. "Thank you for coming back."

Solvonnel kissed Shane's neck again. "My pleasure," he said. "I will not abandon you. Ever."

Shane nodded. He was afraid to speak lest he ruin this moment.

Solvonnel looked at him, smiling. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm okay, I guess." He shrugged. "A little tired. I think I slept well."

"Let's see." Solvonnel touched Shane's forehead. "You are hot," he said in his ear.

Shane looked at him with such admiration and desire as he said: "You are hot. You are so fucking hot."

Sol laughed. "I meant literally," he smirked. "You have a fever, my darling. You need to rest."

Shane shook his head. "No, I'm fine. It's just… the fever."

Solvonnel hummed, kissing Shane's neck again. "Yeah, it's the fever. You should rest."


His mind was empty. It was weird how Sol simply let his mind completely blank and with nothing but the sensations he caused.

"I can't think when you do this," Shane whispered, feeling Sol's lips on his neck. "I'm sorry, I'm just..."

Solvonnel kissed Shane's ear. "You're so beautiful," he said. "So very beautiful."

Shane felt the tears in his eyes. No one ever told him such sweet things before. He wasn't stunning as Sol, and he didn't like what he used to see in the mirror, but this was different.

Solvonnel's voice was soft as he said: "You are beautiful. Gorgeous."

Shane could barely hear him over his own breathing.

"And you are mine," Solvonnel said. "Always."

"I am."

Giving his soul to Sol didn't sound terrifying at all. He'd give it even for nothing in return.

Solvonnel smiled and kissed Shane's lips. "Good," he said. "I'll take care of you."

Shane nodded, kissing him back.

He could feel himself melting into Solvonnel. This was where he belonged.


It took him less than a month to realize: he was so fucking in love with Sol. This feels like an understatement as well, since nothing from Shane was ever little. Shane was just pure need. The kind of love that fills one up until there's nowhere left and just spills over. Need that comes from the deepest, and yet the lightest part of one's personality.

When Sol appeared that night, Shane was in bed. He was reading a university book for a test, but his attention immediately shifted. "Hey," he greeted his demon. Shane sounded all fond and warm. "How are you?"

Sol smiled. The evening was one of those moments when he was unable to show disdain toward Shane's affection - it just felt too good not to melt a little bit into the attention.

"I'm great," Sol said. "And you, starboy?" The pet name rolled so easily off his tongue. He grinned as Shane blushed intensely at the mention.

He knew Sol was using him, and yet... he couldn't help but let Sol win him over whenever. He couldn't care less about how inappropriate their relationship was if that meant keeping Sol interested and close.

"I missed you," Shane muttered, his voice smaller than ever. Sol loved how dependent Shane was of him, as if he'd just breathe Sol's every word if he could.

And Shane would have, had he been promised he'd keep Sol. He'd do anything as long as he knew he'd never be alone again.

Sol didn't have to pretend to care so much about Shane to earn the boy's trust, since Shane had always clung to the first person who said a single gentle word to him. So it took Shane no time to be in love and caught in a trap.

"Of course you did, darling..." Sol caressed Shane's cheek. He felt all of Shane shiver under his touch. He knew Shane had no one else but him. He knew that Shane was completely under his grip. It was so easy to have anyone fall for him, really.

Not like Sol minded it. Shane, who was so fucking lonely, didn't deserve to never be heard or seen or taken seriously — Sol would give everything the boy wanted: someone that knew him.

"Come here," Shane asked, holding a hand out. Sol let the boy pull him into a tender kiss. Shane smiled gently when Sol kissed back. Sol sat in Shane's lap, covering his body, feeling Shane's cock twitching, obviously awakening under him.

"Needy little boy," Sol teased, grinding his hip as slowly as he could. Shane let out a whine, begging for something that felt closer to Heaven than what he'd ever experienced. "How's your mother not worried when you scream my name like that?"

Shane tried to drown another whimper, but failed again. He glanced aside, obviously ashamed of how affected he was. How pathetic, so horny, already out of his mind at such a chaste contact, so vulnerable.

"...She's asleep," Shane muttered out, barely containing himself to roll his hips toward Sol's groin. He knew being needy wasn't being good - good boys wait patiently for what they want. He didn't want to seem desperately awaiting anything.

"Do you want me to take care of you?" Sol asked, cupping Shane's chin. "Huh, starboy? Do you?"

"Mm," Shane gasped out, the shame over everything he did around the demon being incredibly arousing.

"Use your words like a big boy, yes...?" Sol pressed.

Shane looked down, whining. He was biting his lips hard, forcing himself not to groan when Sol pressed his thumb inside his mouth to then feel Shane immediately starting to suck the other's thumb.

"Look at you," Sol chuckled. "Aren't you adorable?"

"Please," Shane muttered, the word only clear due to the wet thumb leaving his mouth. Shane whined once more.

"What?" Sol pushed. He had no problem taking advantage of Shane's obvious humiliation kink by tormenting him. "If you don't behave, I'll have to punish you somehow... Unless that's what you want...?"

Sol could already see it in his mind — he'd have Shane screaming even louder. He could play rough and know he wouldn't break Shane.

Shane blushed even more intensely. He simply nodded, hoping Sol would understand. He wasn't able to ask it out loud: he wanted to be punished.

"You're the dirtiest little slut I ever got in bed, aren't you?" Sol purred, moving to pull Shane's boxers down. He pressed his hands on the boy's chest. "I thought about teaching you with a spanking lesson, but you'd like that, wouldn't you, starboy? Such a depraved, filthy piece of meat, aren't you?"

Shane's erection twitched while he nodded desperately. There was something so humiliating and yet arousing about having Sol describe him with such vulgar words. He wanted to come just from that.

"Ask for what you want," Sol ordered.

"Hit me," Shane pleaded. "Sol, I'll die if you don't —"

The slap came hard on Shane's thigh. He let out a high-pitched noise, unable to think straight for a second as the pain traveled through him in a strong, pleasure-inducing tingle. The sore skin was leaving a red handprint, and the sight was mesmerizing.

"Turn around then, darling," Sol said, as demanding and authoritarian as possible. Shane obeyed fast. "Now count. You better not let one pass, little thing. Fifteen for each cheek—" the second hit came so fast Shane gasped out, shivering with the slap that stung on his skin, "—but if you're good and respectful, I might not hit with the same force as on the first ten."

Sol slowly took Shane's pants down, forcing the boy to raise his hip for easier access. In the awkward, lewd position, Shane felt another smack being made over the same place from before; his bare buttcheek.

"One." It came out in a moan.


"Two." It sounded weak and breathless.

Every slap left Shane crying out for the other before counting. If he took too long, he'd feel another slap that stung twice as much.

He felt already about to explode, and there were so many more to come. The slaps made him dizzy, and when the warm feeling spread up his body, he saw himself leaking drops of his own precum.

His legs were shaking, and his hole seemed to clench by itself once he felt hot on his rim, leaving him as the most needy, desperate fucktoy. He needed Sol to touch him there, and yet the spanking wasn't at its end.

His boxers dropped even further, reaching his knees, and Sol' next smacks were covering his thighs now. The demon's long nails scratched his reddened skin, digging his skin in a mix of sharp pain and tingles all over.

"Five." He almost forgot how to talk with the way he was aching.

Some more followed, every single one making Shane more affected than he'd have been normally. He felt he'd scream if he didn't have something inside him right away.

"Eight." He was crying — and his tears weren't all of pain; many of them resulted from the masochistic pleasure. He never was so sensitive before meeting Sol. He noticed a long while back that he ended up being into everything he did with the demon. He always wanted more, and more, and more, and he could see himself getting ruined by those demon-hands entirely.

Those spanks were supposed to hurt him. And yet they all ended up giving him waves of pleasurable heat.


His fingers curled on the bed sheets, his back arched to its maximum, his toes curled, and the sheets under him were damp because of how much he was leaking.

"F-fuck, Sol..." Shane sniffed, after turning his head around, just to be shoved his face into the mattress and the demon's nails scratching the nape of his neck; another slap reminded him to stop looking and to count. "Tw-twelve..."

He was hard, it hurt, but every single slap still made him drip, and he seemed about to finish only from the mixture of torturous sensation traveling his entire body like dozens of tiny explosions.

"Th-tirteen—" he would never get used to the intense slap coming from nowhere in particular, it only seemed the idea that it was going to happen always made him squirm, even though Sol only hit in the same spots "—fourteen—" and in the very last, the last, the absolutely last, Shane finished on a broken, muffled sob, squirming and desperately moaning and panting in such a pathetic, needy display, "—f-fif-fifteen—" a soft pat as a goodbye gesture, letting him know the countdown was complete.

Sol caressed Shane's ass, the red, sensitive, and swollen skin. It still rippled with small twitches.

"I can't tell you how pretty you look like this, starboy," he commented, as Shane kept wheezing on his pillow. "Good boy, you counted perfectly."

Sol rubbed his thumb against Shane's exposed, wet entrance. Shane had his thighs parted as much as he could, rolling his hips. The skin there was heated up; it burned with even the softest touch. His little sounds of pleasure could be heard from miles away, and it only seemed the humiliation of the situation was what made Shane feel the strongest (or maybe it was just the exhaustion speaking as it all felt to be happening in a lucid, unreal dream).

"You're loose and wet for me," Sol whispered close to his ear. "So greedy to have something in you, isn't that right, my bitch? Want me to prepare you? Or you want me to get in already, fucked open for hours that you're not going to remember?"

Shane moaned, unsure what was even arousing him more, the way Sol called him dirty names or how incredibly good the man felt touching him.

Sol wasn't even gentle. He slipped a finger inside Shane, curling it inside his entrance, knowing very well how to touch him to get him a lot more needy in seconds. He wasn't fucking around or doing much work, it felt more like rubbing Shane's walls in the most pleasurable way. Sol slowly dragged his finger on the boy's prostate, teasing the tips of his finger just there, rubbing on the sensitive bundle of nerves.

"Can you keep going for a moment? Give me more?" Sol asked, and Shane moaned immediately, getting his knees bent better, pushing his ass out and raised, like a total whore, his neck flushed all the way to the top of his chest. He felt so damn humiliated and it still felt oh so good, and Sol just knew. The demon knew exactly the words to speak and the places to touch.

Shane just shook his head as an answer. He only wanted to have Sol inside him. And even when all the muscles of his body ached from being oversensitive.

As if reading his mind, Sol chuckled.

"You're behaving like such a little cockslut."

He was ready to argue about it, but a second finger was spreading him even more, and Shane remembered, oh God, it was going to be more than a finger after all. He couldn't properly explain what was happening with him, everything seemed to have a different vibe. His skin felt more sensitive than ever, and now he was even leaking just from having a long finger in his ass.

"Little boy," the demon leaned in, and this time whispered a lot closer to his ear. With the goosebumps raised, Shane cried loudly, fucking himself on the demon's fingers. "That makes me wonder... You're just twenty-two, Shane. You still have to go to university... Were you hoping to be touched there?"

Shane whimpered, as his eyes rolled over when Sol' fingers scissored and spread him farther, the rough motions shoving his entire chest on the mattress, his nipples oversensitive against the clothes and the fabrics.

"W-what? I..." he tried to say, failing to find his own words for a few seconds "No, it..."

His thought dissolved in his foggy mind as Sol curled his finger and rubbed a specific spot inside him, making him see stars.

"If a girl approached you, would you push her away, Shane?"

As the thing happened when he tried to take a proper decision when high in the pain and pleasure, Shane only trembled and opened his mouth.

"Or would you let a girl touch you where I touch you?" he kept going, as his other hand reached for Shane's dick, pumping in strong and determined movements. "Moan your dirty thoughts."

In a mix of shame and obedience, Shane repeated in an uneven breath, squeezing his eyes shut. "N-no, you..." he was unable to follow his own thoughts, without confessing everything out loud "I just w-want you. You..."

"Keep moaning."

As Sol kept fisting his dick, moving his hand quickly, he slipped a third finger inside him, his entrance so fuckopen to welcome everything there. Shane could only moan and get impossibly wet, the sound echoing in the room.

"Fuck, Sol!"

As his thighs spread more, his own hips moving for the friction, Shane was fucked past his limit. Before he could even say a warning about his orgasm, he cried loudly and came undone between Sol's fingers, cum coating everything and dripping down Sol's fingers. The boy's walls squeezed down on him so sweetly, as his orgasm faded and he breathed heavy.

Sol took his fingers away, a short wheezing sound coming from Shane's mouth with the loss of the friction and sensation.

Shane didn't mind when the same demon fingers reached for his lips, smearing the wet cum there, and despite what was happening, Shane licked it clean, his ass clenching and feeling painfully empty.

"Fuck," he muttered, feeling exhausted.

Sol let him lay on the bed for a moment to catch his breath.

"That was great," he complimented, rubbing Shane's hair while he looked at the ceiling, feeling disconnected from the rest of the world. Sol was cleaning his fingers with a tissue, already laying on his side. "Such a good boy you are."

Sol leaned and kissed Shane's chin, starting a trail of kisses on his jaw and his neck. Shane raised his arms around Sol' back and hugged him with an anguished expression. He brushed the demon's hair back with the tips of his fingers.

And Shane went into a rollercoaster of emotions: he felt his heart melt to have Sol so close to him and being rewarded with kisses, and at the same time, he felt so emotional. He felt the tears forming on his eyes as he buried his face on the demon's shoulder.

"What is it?" Sol asked, pulling back. "Are you alright, starboy?"

"Stay," Shane muttered, tightening his hold. He didn't want Sol to leave now. "Ple-please... don't go."

"Yes, darling... Of course," he said softly, holding him.

Shane couldn't think of the fact that this could look pathetic to someone like Sol. He ignored the way the demon seemed to feed off him, or the fact that he agreed to that - Sol made it clear that was fake from the beginning. He had said: I'll never be your friend. But I can pretend. Are you certain you want this?

And Shane said yes.

"There, there, it's okay..." Sol cleaned the tears that slipped from Shane's eyes.

They kept hugging for a bit, Sol kissed the top of Shane's forehead, as Shane placed his head on the demon's chest, and then he managed to gather some strength to speak again.

"This is so fucked up."

"What?" Sol moved back a little to talk to him, but then hugged him even tighter.

"This entire thing... is... just fucked up."

"Ah... you got it out of your system already? For a few seconds you forgot about it, didn't you?"


He didn't even dare to ask Sol for reassurance. He knew he would not get any. Not genuine reassurance, at least. That was exactly what they didn't have and would never have. And Shane loathed his own bitterness for failing to find those soft edges of Sol.

But Solvonnel was not like that. Shane knew he wouldn't understand it and the demon would not comfort him in the way a mortal could. The demon seemed to understand how Shane worked, though. The least of Shane's wishes was to make the demon think he'd pity himself for something he had agreed to.

"It's alright... my little boy."

My little boy

"In time it will get better, and you will learn to live with this," the demon promised.

Shane wondered how many people this demon held in his arms just the way he held Shane, just the way Shane craved. Was it different every time or was it the same? Could demons feel human emotions?

"Are you going to miss me, Solvonnel?"

No longer Sol? Solvonnel understood the question, as the demon stroked the back of Shane's head, brushing through the messy black hair.

"If I say yes," Solvonnel slowly said, "you'll just imagine I mean it, won't you?"

There was a pause.

"No. I remember. You're only acting as if you cared."

Shane felt his hand being grasped and he opened his eyes just to see Solvonnel leaning close. The demon left his hand to move closer and caress Shane's face. The demon came even closer, and this time his lips curled into a slight, gentle smile. He placed a kiss on Shane's forehead. Shane, instead of shying away, got even closer to hug the demon and bury his face in his shoulder again.

"You know me so well," Sol purred.


By the time the 5th of March arrived, Shane found that he wasn't miserable as he thought he would be on his birthday. He actually did as a normal person would do: celebrating.

It wasn't anything special. He got himself a burger, bought a cake at the end of the workday, and that was it. He had rented an apartment next to the university and couldn't afford anything else, but it was enough for Shane to go back home that afternoon with a new burrito t-shirt and an entire cake for himself.

For the first time in months, he almost felt like himself again - being free to smile genuinely and even feeling nervous to meet with his old friends.

Besides all this, Solvonnel also promised him a gift. As good as anyone could receive a demonic gift, the idea behind it was nice.

At the end of his day, the moment he locked his bedroom's door, he felt Solvonnel's scent and suddenly felt nervous. He didn't know what to expect from a demon and his gift. Sex was something they did often, and Solvonnel hinted a lot that he had something different to give.

"I can feel your worries."

Shane jumped, startled with Solvonnel suddenly emerging from the corner of the ceiling, floating towards him. It was closer to their contract's birthday: one year.

Shane chuckled awkwardly. "Yeah?... Sorry, I'm a bit anxious."

Solvonnel would never talk seriously. He always seemed to laugh in his answers and expressions, so it was hard to determine his real feelings and mindset. However, this time he seemed to be holding onto something, so Shane picked the hint and walked closer to him.

"What's going on?"

The demon's eyes were fixed on Shane's and in one of his hands was what seemed to be a long necklace. He grabbed it with his other hand and, for a second, it glistened on his thin fingers, gleaming under the yellowish light.

"Happy birthday, starboy," Sol gently said, and held it up, letting the jewels of it shine.

They were beautiful. They appeared to be dark gems, some bigger than others, and even though they glowed a dark purple as Solvonnel started chanting something in a language Shane didn't understand, Shane could distinguish it was colorful, multicolor light shining underneath each gem.

It was lovely. And even with his knowledge that such things couldn't possibly exist, he accepted it and blushed, grasping it between his fingers.

"Is this a—"

"Summoning necklace. I can see through these gems even if I'm not physically present. Besides that, you can summon me whenever you want with this..."

"W... woah," Shane admired it. "...Am I... really supposed to have it?"

"Do you think you don't deserve it?"

"Do I?" Shane started staring back at Sol.

"Don't be afraid."

Shane took a deep breath. His fingers touched the cool, silky surface. They were... gemstones? No, they were lighter and just felt right. Jewels from Hell? Whatever. Solvonnel placed a tiny leather pouch on Shane's palms.

"To keep them, for the necklace. The clasp will tighten itself over your hair so it doesn't fall," Sol pointed at a strand of Shane's brown hair he was holding between his fingers.

"... Thank you," Shane couldn't keep the happiness he was feeling from himself.

"It's yours. You deserve it."

"Can I..." Shane glanced up with a shy look, blushing "can I, can I kiss you?"

Solvonnel grinned and got down on his feet to hold Shane's face and kiss him gently, giving Shane the chance to decide when to pull apart and making their kiss meaningful, delicate, and satisfying. Shane wrapped his arms around the demon's waist while pulling him closer and kissing him deeper.

Finally, Solvonnel slowly dragged Shane's lower lip between his teeth, softly biting into it with his sharp teeth. He hummed lowly, drawing a shy sigh from Shane.

"Thank you," Shane murmured against Sol's lips. "You know," he smiled, "you changed my life."

"Oh, I certainly did."

"All that happened to me was because of you."

"Was it my influence or your own decisions?" Solvonnel was staring deep into Shane's eyes, their nose almost touching.

"I believe," Shane mumbled in Sol's mouth, "that I created all of this."

Shane placed his hands over Solvonnel's chest as he pulled apart from his own.

"With your help, of course."

"I'm just the messenger," Sol purred. "You were the one in your right path, knowingly or unknowingly."

"What do you mean?"

"Those paths you made with your decisions lead you to me."

Shane laid next to Sol and didn't resist curling up on his side, as every time he managed to sleep as long as it wasn't one of his anxiety attacks. Solvonnel's chest slowly moved as Shane used it as a pillow, his own heart beating slowly by his ear - just as gentle as Shane had imagined, making him nervous as his own heart rushed anxiously to match its pace.

Shane found himself touching and exploring the hard muscle of Sol's body, unable to keep his hands still. He ran his fingers through his chest to his stomach and back up again, up and down, until he traced his shoulders and neck, curiously feeling the hard bones that built up such an inhuman body and discovering that even the shape of Sol's clavicles was different than anything he had ever touched before.

"If someone sees you doing this, they might think you're either crazy or horny," Solvonnel sneered.

"Well..." Shane scoffed, "I am both, but that doesn't have anything to do with this."

Sol nodded, laughing lowly. "Oh, I thought you wanted to sleep."

"Not really," Shane said, reaching for a strand of Sol's perfect dark hair and smelling its incredible scent. So this is what Hell's flowers smell like. The scent was strong but not pungent. It was... sweet. Like pineapple, something equally fruity but not so known that made it a faint exotic memory to the others. "... I want to know more about you."

"Why don't you ask, then?" Solvonnel could know Shane so easily, but Shane would never be able to guess what the demon was thinking.

Shane knew it already but asked, anyway.

"What do you think of me?"

"A very foolish human. Lonely, deprived, naïve, and..." Sol stared down at Shane "...Young. Too stupid for your own good. Driven to self-destruction by your own feelings..." He frowned a little at that, lost in his own thoughts. "Stubborn. Passionate. Obsessive."

Shane was hypnotized. "... Obsessive? How am I obsessive?"

"You cling to people, no matter how distant, who give you any sort of attention, so much that you can't live without them."

Shane swallowed. Those were some heavy words. He felt guilty and foolish for asking. Sol knew him too well.

"You project on others how you expect them to treat you."

Shit. Shane wished it was easy to act as Solvonnel portrayed that in front of them.

They stared at each other in a long silence until Shane finally decided to speak, although his voice was thin and afraid.

"Are you reading me and finding me boring? Repulsive?"

Solvonnel couldn't have expressed it better to Shane, who couldn't express anything at all.

"The opposite," he declared, and didn't let Shane ask further.

Instead, Solvonnel finally got interested in the interaction and caressed Shane's hair, wrapping one strand of it around his finger.

"Do you resent me?" Sol said in his voice that could only be described as a whisper, yet everything he said was firm, deep, and sultry.

Shane's eyes flew open, confused. His breath escaped his lungs, and he found himself speechless.

"Why would I?" Shane finally responded, mesmerized by the gleam in the demon's orange eyes. They were the color of the most perfect tone, a soft orange with a touch of light that brought them into life.

Solvonnel scoffed at the answer, a sound that came too short to be a laugh. He leaned into Shane, causing goosebumps across his spine.

"Were you not expecting all of the chaos I've brought to you, deep into your heart? Were you not aware of the price I asked in exchange for my company?"

It's not a surprise that I'd end up this way, Shane thought as Sol's lips landed on the corner of his mouth.

He could hear the cackling of the flame right next to them, inside its own hole in the ground. Shane could swear the fire was alive, moving, and watching them.

"I don't regret it," Shane breathed shakily. "Maybe I should, but I can't deny what I feel with you... closer to Heaven."

"No," Solvonnel's claws pulled at Shane's lips gently. "... Closer to Hell."

Solvonnel's thumb entered Shane's mouth, his touch freezing cold in his tongue.

Shane shivered and blushed as a wicked grin grew on Solvonnel's mesmerizing, perfect features.

"When I'm with you, Sol, you're an angel," Shane let out the words he always thought about.

At that, Sol chuckled - genuinely laughed.

"You're cute, little boy," he laughed in his usual purr. "Unfortunately for you, I'm not the angelic type... but this doesn't mean we can't have fun together. What do you want? Ask."

Shane became even redder at the devilish smile curving up the corners of the demon's delicate lips. The demon's canines were exposed, showing that his teeth were a little sharper than normal humans. It made him look even more alluring and captivating.

Shane had no more resistance left.

Afraid of speaking out what he desired most, he embraced the demon by the neck to pull him closer and passionately joined their lips in a deep kiss, trying to erase any trace of indecision or bashfulness from his feelings toward the demon.

He desperately whimpered into the kiss, not truly knowing how to do this.

Solvonnel gently turned him around, holding him. The demon was far too strong for him. Shane straddled his hips over Sol's and the demon slipped his sharp tongue in his mouth.

Shane mewled in the kiss as Solvonnel sat him down, making Shane cry out in a moan, instinctively rolling his hips, feeling so aroused already by just kissing the demon.

Solvonnel made a soft sound of pleasure, kissing Shane's lips and neck.

Shane rocked his hips against the demon's body, desperate and hot.

Solvonnel had lit a fire inside him that he could never put down, and Shane never wanted to let go.

Shane opened his pants and kicked them off with his underwear, his sex fully hard and exposed. Solvonnel chuckled and kept moving their bodies in harmony, making Shane completely lose his mind with arousal, whining and jerking his hips.

He'd be glad to beg if necessary for Solvonnel - the angel of his thoughts and the demon of his dreams, the one who always found him no matter how hidden he was, the one who played him so well. The demon was his own melody that invaded his ears, impossible to forget and to let go.

The demon's kisses made him go crazy.

Just then, Solvonnel penetrated Shane with a finger, gentle and careful, and Shane cried out, arching his back and bucking his hips desperately.

He was so wet.

Solvonnel was taking advantage of every little move Shane made, devouring him like a creature of his own, and Shane only wanted to submit even more, give himself to the demon, wanton.

He rolled his hips in sync with Sol's movements and the demon took him apart, exploring him, ravishing Shane's mouth with his tongue and making his whole body burn with lust.

"Such a whore," the demon muttered against Shane's skin, and this sentence alone made Shane want to scream, losing his mind to sin.

Wave after wave of pleasure washed over him, increasing speed, leaving him breathless. All of his senses became hypersensitive, and he had to close his eyes and rest his forehead over Solvonnel's shoulders.

"Look at me," Sol ordered.

Shane bit his own lip hard and trembled, opening his eyes to watch.

Solvonnel gave him everything the human could desire: love, company, safety, protection, lust... everything that Shane ever felt he didn't have, but always craved. And Shane was hungry - too hungry - for this.

Sol pulled Shane into a last passionate kiss before Shane reached his climax, moaning into the demon's mouth, reaching and squirting against his stomach, completely taken over by the overwhelming orgasm, dripping and completely dizzy, with his head empty and every single nerve on fire.

He fell forward, exhausted, boneless.

"There's the good, little boy," Sol gave Shane a sloppy kiss on his neck, right after Shane finished. Solvonnel wrapped his tongue all the way up his neck as if he tasted him, and Shane panted through the tired, lazy smile on his lips as the demon lifted him, watching how the fluids dripped on the ground, mesmerized.

As Shane kept watching, Solvonnel placed his tongue between his legs, giving long, fat licks and cleaning him. Shane rocked against the demon's face a few times before the demon moved away, observing the mess he made on Shane's buttcheeks and thighs.

Shane loved how it looked, how dainty he appeared when covered in his own fluids with Solvonnel's ice eyes watching.

Those cold eyes were always haunting him, especially in his daydreams and when he closed his eyes - now even in his sleep, it was all he could see, all he could think of.

He did get lost. This was enough proof that his fate had already been decided.

Solvonnel turned him around, keeping him on his lap. Shane wanted him in so many ways, and as if the demon read his mind, he pushed Shane forward to get a glimpse of Shane's entrance before pushing three fingers in a single time, spreading him out. Shane mewled, moving to show his eagerness. His sounds were dirty, but that didn't mean he could control them, couldn't control the gasps and whimpering.


The demon smirked and Shane tensed, his whole body shivering.

He would feel ashamed of himself later, ashamed of moaning in that way, so dirty, being fucked by a demon. This dirty thought felt oddly pleasing. Shane wanted more of this, he really did. No person he kissed ever made him as sexually charged as Solvonnel did while kissing.

Solvonnel fingered him so mercilessly and yet so deliciously that he clenched against them, his hands instinctively gripping Sol's beautiful dark hair, his husky voice with each gasping breath taking Shane's sanity away as he kept moving his fingers inside him in a very precise, sensual way that left Shane breathless.

"Ple-please," he whimpered, "please-"


Shane clung to him desperately with his bare hands as Solvonnel flipped them forward and put Shane face down in the bed. Then, the demon whispered in his ear, playful and mocking:

"You're needy, aren't you? So greedy..." Sol's fingers kept torturing him, and he couldn't breathe. He couldn't control his own needs when he felt Solvonnel spread his buttcheeks open with strong hands. Shane was now dripping all over the sheets, with his butt full-view for Solvonnel. "Such a cock-hungry boy," the demon murmured as his hand shifted once again to grab Shane's buttcheek, squeezing it, parting it, exposing his blinking entrance - the small ring of tight muscle, "need it, don't you? You're adorable. Just too perfect..." Shane mewled softly, whining, canting his hips back.

But instead, Solvonnel was leaning in and laying heavy, open-mouthed kisses over the globes of his ass and his thighs, in his sensitive skin.

Shane started to relax underneath Sol, and then, the demon touched his fluttering entrance with his long tongue, teasing it, and Shane felt like something snapped in him. As if a bomb exploded in his chest, and all of him was on fire, his pelvis tilted back like it had a mind of its own, to push himself against the demon's wet tongue.

Sol pushed his tongue inside, bigger, wider than a human's - it curved up slightly, inside, where the movements could be controlled by the demon, fucking Shane properly and pushing into the places Shane didn't know it existed, discovering this whole new part of himself. The demon knew exactly how much he could handle, sending wave after wave of electricity through his body. Shane even started to tremble.

Tears trickled down Shane's cheeks; tears of pleasure, and his body started to convulse and squirt hard into the demon's mouth and on his own legs.

He would never get tired of feeling this.

Solvonnel wouldn't stop; his tongue still fucked him, making obscene wet sounds, hitting into the right spot as a lot of spit trailed out and dripped onto the sheets. Solvonnel groped Shane's buttcheeks and spread them apart, placing them over his mouth and keeping them separated while Shane moaned like a whore under his very tongue.

Shane loved it, he truly did.

It didn't take Shane long to reach another orgasm, going weak and desperate.

This was the first time in his whole life that someone took the time to explore every single piece of him with such devotion and dedication; Solvonnel certainly seemed to have studied Shane's every reaction and found the most sensible places, learned him all.

He let Shane collapse on the bed, panting and whining through the aftershock. He didn't have any strength left, his chest sticking on the damp sheets as sweat dripped out of him. Shane could feel the sheets were sticky and wet, and he didn't care. He looked at Solvonnel to acknowledge what the demon had done to him.

As he always did, the demon kept eye-contact and smirked before swiping his mouth with the back of his hand, his soft lips clearly so bright they seemed to glow in the dark.

He caressed Shane's hair. His touches were now so soft, as if Shane was a porcelain doll that could break easily.

Sol never cummed when they did that. He never even showed any kind of physical reaction. And yet, the demon looked as amused and sexy as always.

"You look ruined, Shane..." Solvonnel was purring against Shane's ear.

"For you..." Shane whined.

"Only for me," the demon agreed, holding Shane's face and turning it aside to nibble on his reddened, puffy lips.

Shane knew for sure that no one could ever make him feel the way Solvonnel did. Nobody else could get into his mind the way Sol did. Nobody else would have the privilege to be allowed to touch Shane in the same possessive, claiming way the demon did.

"Sol...," Shane wiggled underneath him, taking a glimpse of the demon's proud smirk, "I... Can I taste you too? Just once... I want to suck you-"

"You're a spoiled little slut," Sol chuckled, but his tone was so sweet, it could melt Shane, "maybe next time."

That was Shane's one desire: to please the demon for once, and he would have to ask the same thing to him next time.

The only thing Shane wanted the most was to see the demon vulnerable for once, needy, desperate, losing control under him.

"Do you think I'm ugly?" He wondered.

He shouldn't even care, yet his feelings were something he couldn't control.

Sol smiled so gently he melted.

"Of course not. You're perfect," Solvonnel answered promptly, kissing down Shane's shoulder.

He then added, almost as if considering the answer for the first time: "Maybe a bit foolish," Sol chuckled and bit gently on Shane's shoulder, making him shiver under him, "but it's endearing. You will learn at some point."

"What did you think of me the first time you saw me? Tell me the truth."

"Why are you so self-conscious suddenly?"

Sol raised a perfect dark eyebrow, and the brunet felt his cheeks turn red again - he felt embarrassed, having the demon read him so easily.

"Don't worry, Shane," Sol turned to bite his earlobe and held Shane close, "you're perfect. Stop asking for my approval. You already have it."

"Is there... Any chance that you'd... Love me back? Someday..."

There was that broken, hurt boy in Shane that lingered still, alive and breathing inside his heart. He hid his face in the demon's chest, wrapping his arms around the demon's body.

"My darling. You and I, we're not capable of loving, are we?" Sol kissed his forehead, fondness blooming on his perfect angelic face, as he cradled him in his arms, as if Shane was a precious rose to be protected from the cold.

Shane snuggled against him, still unsatisfied, as if cuddling could appease his bitterness inside his heart.

But maybe he just wanted to feel home.


Shane learned about monsters slowly.

During many nights, Solvonnel explained him things he was never supposed to know. Of Heaven. And of Hell.

Although he loved when the demon touched him, he loved more those moments when Sol sat on bed next to him doodling something on Shane's notebook and humming a familiar song. Shane melted, thinking it sounded like the lullabies he still remembers from his mother when he was little.

He liked to watch Solvonnel's hair gently combed by the soft wind.

Perhaps that made things worse; he had deluded himself by thinking, somehow, that one day he and Solvonnel could just be the ordinary couple Shane fantasized about. He thought, even if no one else in the world could accept it, that Solvonnel and him could be friends with some kind of an unusual relationship.

Now, he laid on the bed, still facing the demon's dark hair.

"What are you, really?"

It was merely a whisper, yet he knew the question wouldn't be ignored as he felt Solvonnel slightly nodding behind him.

"Are you curious?"

His long, delicate fingers intertwined with Shane's and for a moment, Shane lost his heart.

"I'm an angel. Taken out of God's grace," the demon started, his hands moving smoothly on Shane's smaller one, in a caress, "I was a Cherub."

At that moment, the demon said with such pride in his voice and smirk on his lips, one of the creatures God talked about in the Bible. Shane should have been frightened, knowing Sol's nature and still acknowledging the violence he could perform, to realize that he used to be one of the highest entities in Heaven, right next to God, once.

Shane saw the inhuman beauty radiating from Solvonnel, his skin glistening against the dark and the moonlight peeking from the window. It gave him goosebumps all over his body, and he had to remind himself he was not a prey.

He nodded, and the demon smiled, kissing the back of Shane's hand.

"So you fell?" he muttered.

He saw the demon nod. Then, the angel went closer to hug him with both arms, as if the topic was starting to make him uncomfortable. He sighed and tried not to focus on Sol's body against his - not before everything was answered.

"Why did you fall, Sol?" his voice was soft and thoughtful.

Sol sighed as if he was deciding whether he should talk or not.

"For something stupid, really."

"Tell me anyway."

The angel laughed. Shane liked when Sol laughed, even though the demon's laugh was always melancholic, cynical and so fragile it could break - as if there were diamonds mixed with his laughs.

"I fell in love with a human."

Shane was shaken, unsure if he had heard it well.

He got surprised so easily by the devil's appearance that he always forgot how much his past haunted him.

Now, he felt fragile and foolish.

"A human...?"

"Yes. A very beautiful one," Sol's face darkened for a second, "and I didn't want to give him up. But I had to."

Shane held the angel in his arms, caressing his back and letting him get comfortable.

"Why did you have to?"

"Angels aren't supposed to love humans. Not like this, at least. That is... an exclusivity to humanity."

"Do you regret falling?"


"What happened to him? The human, I mean."

"I don't know. I just left. But I'm sure he lived a long and boring okay life," Solvonnel sighed.

Shane paused. "So... you can love me," he said softly and quietly, almost like a child.

"Love isn't something I can afford. I'm sorry," the angel whispered.

"How could you tell? Maybe you could. It's been a long time since you've seen him, isn't it?"

"Time doesn't matter," the demon responded.

Shane was confused and afraid of his feelings.

"Do you... still love him?"

Solvonnel smiled. "I'm not the same person I was. But I miss him."

Shane could feel his heart breaking.

"I see."

"And you?"


"What do you feel, Shane?"

"... Nothing."

Shane felt like he was lying.

"I see."

They stayed silent for a few seconds.

"Are you jealous?" Solvonnel smirked.

"Uh, maybe?" he chuckled. "Are you going to leave me?"

"I'm here, aren't I?"

"That's not an answer."

"Shane. I'm not leaving."

"Okay," the human said.

The silence was back, and they didn't say anything.

Shane thought about a lot of things at once and felt guilty for not saying something. He wasn't good at expressing his feelings, especially when the angel was being so sincere.


"Yes, my dear?"

"I know I can't do much about you loving me. But... if one day you do feel like... you love me... or something... will you tell me?"

Solvonnel was so quiet.

"Yes, Shane."

Shane knew Sol would keep that promise.

"Can I kiss you?" Shane asked suddenly, staring at Sol' thin and voluptuous lips.

"As much as you want," he murmured, smiling beautifully.

Oh, he really wanted.

Unable to hold himself back any longer, Shane joined his lips with Sol's in an open-mouthed, loving kiss, like he had waited ages to be able to taste them. Shane guided his hands through the other's arms until they got to his shoulders. He pushed him down, taking advantage of his body covering the angel's.

His body tingled in an irreparable way. Maybe that's what an addiction tasted like.

"You taste so good..." Shane murmured against the angel's lips. "I'd do anything for you."

"I only wish to taste your sin, my beloved, I'd kill to draw it in you."

"You can have all of it, make me do things I can't imagine for you," he suggested in a moan. "Please... When I wake up... I want you to be there."

"Where else would I be if not here, surrounded by you?"

His mind was on fire. Passion burned within him.

"Why did you choose me?" Shane wondered, resting his body on top of Sol's. He laid his head on the other's neck.

"Can't you figure that out by yourself?"

"I'm nothing," he muttered. "I'm absolutely nothing special. I don't know why you chose me."

Sol hushed, laying his hand over Shane's. "I chose you because I understand you. How lonely you are... How much you deserve this. I know you. Just like I know every single human, down to their last thought. Just like I know God and everything He does in a single blink. But you, dear Shane, you intrigue me. You're no different than any other, yet in your sadness, I can see more of you. I can see more of what you carry in your soul and thoughts. More than anyone else can... Your sadness draws me. You drew me here."

"I really have no choice with you, have I?"

He embraced Shane in his arms, looking as genuine as ever. 

Shane sighed. "You're also giving me butterflies."

The fallen laughed. "I certainly do that."

Shane loved having Sol with him. Shane also dreamed of disappearing with him, of leaving his life to burn and simply getting lost in him, in the perfect and inviting madness that the angel ignited in him. He was aware he was about to lose himself in his infatuation for this beautiful creature, this angel who had fallen from Heaven and gone astray, which Shane could only pretend to know as to fantasize what his own reality could be beyond his mundane delusion. Yet he was already past the point of no return. Whatever happened between them, he would stay there.


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