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A collection of six hot and filthy stories: young and untouched men being sold to powerful demon lords, obliged to serve and please; a warlock torturing a demon slave with humiliating pleasure; a faithful priest being teased...


Every story an utter corruption in its filth, each man forced over the line they swore to never cross, and each slave becoming utterly and devastatingly broken.


Laced with a deep submission, possessive passion and sadistic kinks, the whole collection explores how these untouched, pure slaves are bent, twistedand corrupted for a dominant's dark pleasure.





  • Sold to the Demon Lord - Captive and Owned 1
  • Sold to the Demon Lord - Captive and Owned 2
  • Kidnapped by the Demon Lord - Mating with an Alpha Demon
  • Sold & Betrayed: Demonic Slave
  • Enslaved Demon: Bound and Tied
  • Seduced by a Demon: Dirty Dark Confessions

E-BOOK BUNDLE: Slaves for Pleasure

  • 40.000+

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